Pieces of my mind

Pieces of my mind. That was the name of my original blog where I posted just that…pieces of my mind…thoughts that I had about different things. That blog has gone its way, replaced eventually by this generic Steve949.com, Facebook, and Instagram.

Sometimes I still have pieces of my mind that I want to share/save and until Facebook supports hashtags this is a much better place for archiving.

So here are the pieces of my mind for this Independence Day weekend (so far)

  1. Last Friday at work someone was trying to make the point to me that Trump was a better president than Biden. Want to know how they were trying to make that point? By asking the question “Are you better off financially under Biden than you were under Trump?”

    Once again proving that for Trumpublicans, what matters most is, “me”. What’s in it for me? How does it affect me?
  2. I listened to a large portion of a radio interview with the Trumpublican governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem. She didn’t answer a single question put to her but instead diverted and redirected each time…until asked if she would support Trump in a reelection bid. Of course, she said yes.

    You can watch a small bit of the interview here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/bash-asks-gop-gov-kristi-noem-if-south-dakota-would-force-a-10-year-old-to-have-a-baby/vi-AAZ999o
  3. I can’t help but wonder how all the people that are screaming “States Rights” will feel when the issue of a nationwide, Federal abortion ban comes up. I’m thinking they will change their tune. Again.

Pieces of my mind

This thought just occurred to me. This may or may not be the right time for it, but I’m writing it down.

We want professional peace officers, correct? A few agencies require a bachelor’s degree to be an officer because they recognize that the time spent in college that results in a degree produces a more well-rounded person. College, generally, gives one a wider worldview, a more all-encompassing, all-embracing perspective.

What’s the problem? Not everyone can afford a college education in America. Lots of good candidates can’t afford the degree.

Solution: 1) Require the degree to be an officer 2) Make college free Problem solved. Those that want to be cops will go through college, turning them into a more “well-rounded” person, and money won’t be a barrier.

I see you.

It’s fortuitous that I would see and read this article today because just this morning I had an encounter with a homeless person.

He was sitting at the exit from the subway, saying to each person that passed by, “Can you spare a dollar or two for me?”  When it was my turn for him to address me I said “Not today. Sorry” and continued on my way.

(The photo links to the original article)

Half way up the escalator I felt ashamed. I thought of Jesus’ words regarding what we do for the least of our brothers. I wondered if that was Jesus and I failed the test. Not only had I ignored this brother, but I had lied to him. He had asked if I could spare a dollar or two and I said no.

That wasn’t true. I certainly could have spared a dollar or two. I just didn’t want to. Well, that’s not entirely true. I said “no” automatically, as if by rote.

I walked the rest of the way to work thinking about what I could do differently. (Mind you, I felt bad, but my pride wouldn’t let me go back. Silly, I know, and I’m ashamed of it now.) My thought at that time was that I could put a few $1’s in my front pocket so as to be prepared for this next time. This article gave me more ideas as to what I could do.

I hope it gives you some also.