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“Even more despised than the Brunch People are the vegetarians. Serious cooks regard these members of the dining public—and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans—as enemies of everything that’s good and decent in the human spirit. To live life without veal or chicken stock, fish cheeks, sausages, cheese, or organ meats is treasonous.”
Anthony Bourdain

I get it. I totally get it.

”…a lot of people have written about how he [Bourdain] lived doing all the things they wanted to do (“I wanted his life,” Drew Magary’s eulogy starts) but the more important and equally universal feeling is that of wanting to be more like him—more curious, more confident, more capable, more generous. Traveling the world eating and drinking well and making friends with seemingly everyone you come across does seem like just about the perfect life…”

from Anthony Bourdain Was Who I Wish I Was

As I’ve said on Facebook, I wasn’t a Bourdain fan. I hadn’t seen any of his shows or read any of his books before his death. I vaguely knew of him as a guy doing a food show. It is clear now that he was much more than that, and that I’ve been missing out.

Since his untimely passing I have read many quotes attributed to him and watched season 1, episode 1 of Parts Unknown. I will be watching more.

It was about more than eating. It was about introducing a new place, and new people, and showing that we’re more alike than we are different.

It’s a small world, part two

We’re preparing to move from the place that we’ve lived at for over ten years. I received an email from the assistant manager of my current place regarding my lease renewal and made an appointment with her to discuss our move out.

Mihaela Zoltany is her name. I think to myself, “Mihaela is a Romanian name”, but I didn’t know about the surname Zoltany.  I also suspected that “Mihaela” is probably common in other countries as well.

I went to the appointment and met her. The accent was much more obvious this time. I said, “Mihaela. Is that eastern European?”

“I’m from Romania.”

The coincidences are compelling. I need to go back. And I need to get my DNA checked.


Never Stop Dreaming!

Abubu's World

Come on! Hurry!
– Excuse me, may I please go first?
– Can you wait for me? I need to use the bathroom
– What the Hell lady!? Watch where you’re going!
– A bagel please!
– Where is track no. 9? Can anyone tell me where it is?
– What time it is?
– Crap! Where’s my phone? I can’t find my phone! Help! Someone help me!!!
The voices of hundreds upon hundreds of people were all mixed together in a unintelligible, chaotic buzz. They’re all in a hurry, they’re all focused on their own individual tasks and most seem to have lost both respect and awareness towards the existence of others around them. They’re all in a hurry; buying tickets, booking trips, ordering food, eating, reading, getting they’re daily dose of bad coffee…
A loud whistle sound makes interrupts all other noises for a second. The big, old…

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