An afternoon in DTLA

Sarah and I took the Amtrak to Union Station, where Sarah got to see a site that we had just seen on an episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


and then the Metro to Pershing Square.

First stop, The Last Bookstorewhere we walked around and enjoyed the ambiance (but not the heat) and made a few small purchases. Sarah bought an LP that she’s had her eye on, Stevie Wonder’s Talking Book, and a book which I forget the title of at the moment.

I found a copy of The History of the Romanian People for 6 bucks that I couldn’t pass up. There were other treasures to be had, and we will return.

A short walkabout with a couple photos and then to Grand Central Market for a restroom break, and then we snagged a seat at the counter for a late lunch-early dinner at Prawn Coastal. Unfortunately, they had neither the Spicy Scallops or Mac and Cheese which were both things we wanted to try. Sarah ended up with the Thai Lobster Roll and I had the Paella. Both were very good and too much food to eat. Sarah also tried a red wine that I forget the name of, which she didn’t like too much. I had an Expatriate IPA by Three Weavers Brewing Company, which was ok.

We tried to see the inside of the Bradbury Building, but it had closed at 5, so we went on to The Redwood Bar for a much-needed cocktail to wash the taste of bad wine out of Sarah’s mouth. We sat and talked and then decided that we should try to make it back to Union Station for the 6:45 train home. I figured that if we didn’t make it, we could always go to Traxx and have another drink.

Sarah got to see the outside of the building that I work in as we hurried to the Metro station…

We made the train, barely, with the conductor stepping off to close the door and telling us to “Hurry up, we’re leaving!”

We both wished that Aunt Carol had been there with us since she had just gone home last weekend after a wonderful visit, but all in all, a great day.