Never Stop Dreaming!

Abubu's World

Come on! Hurry!
– Excuse me, may I please go first?
– Can you wait for me? I need to use the bathroom
– What the Hell lady!? Watch where you’re going!
– A bagel please!
– Where is track no. 9? Can anyone tell me where it is?
– What time it is?
– Crap! Where’s my phone? I can’t find my phone! Help! Someone help me!!!
The voices of hundreds upon hundreds of people were all mixed together in a unintelligible, chaotic buzz. They’re all in a hurry, they’re all focused on their own individual tasks and most seem to have lost both respect and awareness towards the existence of others around them. They’re all in a hurry; buying tickets, booking trips, ordering food, eating, reading, getting they’re daily dose of bad coffee…
A loud whistle sound makes interrupts all other noises for a second. The big, old…

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